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3D rendering engine for offline batch rendering of many models A standalone 3d rendering engine which can be run from the Cheap Cocktail Dresses command line.It must accept an input format which we can easily generate with a custom script. A 3d rendering library which can interoperate with a popular programming language such as java or ruby, and which can load 3d models in popular modeling file formats.Can you give an objective breakdown of the pros/cons of options which you are aware of? At this point i suspect you're trying to make custom render farm from scratch, and if i'm right about that, correct solution would be to use existing software maya/3dsmax had some render farm support, and it should be possible to make blenderbased render farm as well.From those packages maya definitely had scripting support(Mel/python, i think), and good portion of blender is written in python. If you want glstyle renderer, then mesa3d provides library that is"Mostly"Opengl compatible, but works on cpu without Wedding Guest Dresses graphical acceleration.Which means you should be able to use it for offscreen rendering without making a window.Because it renders everything on cpu, it will be much slower than accelerated rendering on gpu. There's also pixomatic software renderer that click here to see more info about dresses provides directx style api.Haven't used this one myself. It depends on your project.If you want to render some 3d model with ambient occlusion, radiosity or photon tracing, you need render farm with fullblown software render like blender/maya/3dsmax.If you simply want to render model offline then you could slap together simple solution using mesa3d Evening Dresses: or standard opengl during lunch break.If i remember correctly, povray was good for boolean shapes aka constructive solid geometry(Boolean shapes are pain to implement using libraries that operate on triangles, but are trivial in raytracer).



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